Airbrush Make Up

Airbrush make up

Airbrush make up covering such defects on the face like scars and pigment spots were not visible. But nevertheless it had to continually refresh makeup. Further technology development strongly influenced on make-up, and every detail is now visible on the screen.airbrush make up
Before airbrush make up artist should have remembered that all the irregularities of makeup will surely pass through the camera.
Today digital photography and television has brought the face so near to the viewer that every blot, unevenness and other inaccuracies became clearly visible. In additionclose-upshooting has been spread. As a result, airbrush make up for film and television has become more sophisticated, so makeup artists are choosing now airbrushing.
Only specially made cosmetic and pigments are used airbrushing, for equipment not to become cluttered. The coverage is obtaining smooth and flawless due to microscopic particles of cosmetics.
Therefore it is not necessary to use powder as a base under before airbrushing. Cosmetic companies like Kryolan produce a special water-resistant and nonspottable this make up. Tonal base prices are not much different from the price for quality cosmetics.
Other brands of this make up such as KETT offer high quality and lasting makeup that gives crisp lines. Company KETT offers a complete collection for airbrushing, including the compressor and their excellent line of watery and tonal bases for makeup containing no alcohol.

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