Smoky Eye Makeup (3)

Smoky eye makeup

Part Three
Modern smoky eye makeup or smoky eyes has its origins in the era of black and white film 20th of the XX century. Makeup artists are used a technique similar to smoky eye makeup to help create and actresses to be reincarnated on the screen image of the fatal beauty. Actresses black and white film version of a makeup like the spectators too.smoky eye makeup
In the 70 years of famous French actress Brigitte Bardo smoky eyes gave a second life this way she emphasized her eyes. Girls at the end of the XX century to simulate the dark circles under her smoky eye makeup techniques used then in vogue was the extreme thinness, pale skin and sunken cheeks. Living embodiment of such an image became a top model Kate Moss. Kate Moss for its leanness and sunken cheeks were the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles as recently she told the world in his candid interview.
Smoky makeup is universal. That is its main advantage. Smoky makeup suits blondes, brunettes, brunette, redhead. Eye color also does not matter. Smoky eyes can be safely used for daily makeup, and for evening exits the light – is ideal. The only difference is in the choice of colors. In the afternoon makeup dominated by warm colors (pastel, gold, olive). In the evening version of the makeup dominated by cool shades (gray, taupe, black, tobacco, brown, etc.
Technique of this makeup can seem daunting. However, a few workouts will be enough to learn all the wisdom. For such makeup will need three shades of shadow: light, medium and dark. It starts with the application of makeup shades lighter shade on the mobile eyelid and under the eyebrow. Medium shade shadow is applied to the upper eyelid crease to outer edge of the eye makes the extension. The main thing in this makeup is creating the effect of haze, so the transition boundary shadows carefully shaded with an applicator or cotton swab usual. Dark shadows cast is applied along the contour of the eyes, for this purpose is better to use a brush.
Then you can start shading shadows on a path his eyes first on the upper eyelid with the expansion, then the lower eyelid. As a result, the contour is supposed to be blurry.
At the beginning of the XXI century smoky makeup become popular. Perhaps there was not a famous actress or star Showbiz, which is not lit up in front of cameras, lenses with a smoky eye makeup. Repeatedly been observed with smoky eyes: Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johansson Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Penelope Kruus, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton. Smoky makeup relevant for several consecutive seasons and it seems that is not going to give up their positions. The emphasis in this kind of makeup done by eye to the effect of light haze.

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Smoky Eye Makeup (2)

Smoky eye makeup

Part Two
We admire the stars, their beauty, stage presence, confidence. Every girl at least once dreamed to be in the spotlight, so it was watching the views of millions of people who wanted to walk arm in arm with handsome handsome on the red carpet and squinting from the flash of cameras. In order to feel like a queen, desirable and sexy is not necessarily to be a star, just use some tricks. For a start – smoky eye makeup.smoky eye makeup
The most sexy and attractive for a long time is makeup “smoky eyes”. Each star has repeatedly resorted to this enchanting secret eyes. This makeup was and remains one of the most spectacular. Languid and sexy look always will attract attention. Be mysterious, alluring, glamorous it is every woman wants. Makeup «Smoky Eyes» will help you to feel exactly like that.
The tone of the face is very important. It should be, especially if the skin is not perfect minor flaws and pimples can easily spoil your image. It is important to hide the circles under his eyes, because they can spoil the whole picture and turn the “smoky” look of a sleepy or even tortured. Choose warm shades of foundation, too pale skin in combination with dark smoky eye makeup will look evil and predatory.
Encircling the eye creating a form that better pencil eyeliner instead. Pencil lighter shade. It is very desirable that the color combined with color brows. First you need to circle the upper eyelid. All transitions should be smooth. Must hold the line on the upper eyelid as close to the lash line. At the outer edge of the line should be thicker and gradually narrow as we approach the middle of the eye. Not necessarily bring it to the inner corner.
Then the makeup does not seem aggressive. Color pencil necessarily have to choose to match the color of shadows. It is important to choose the right color to look just turned sexual, but not sullen. Another secret of the “smoky” makeup is a combination of dark shadows and highlights. The combination should be contrasted, but the lines – smooth and feathered. First apply the bright, flickering shadows is from crease to brow. The dark color is necessary to put on the movable upper eyelid – from the lash line to crease.
The main emphasis in this smoky eye makeup done on her eyes according to the rules of good makeup, his lips do not have to stand out. Lipstick is better to choose natural shades or lighter. You can even restrict ourselves to lip gloss. And finally, the final stroke – blush. Apply mascara on the lashes volume. Eyelashes should be thick, but separated from each other, in any case not sticky.

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Smoky Eye Makeup

Smoky eye makeup

Part One
Want to create an image of the fatal woman? Then the smoky eye makeup is for you. Smoky eyes it’s practically immortal makeup who was born in the era of black and white movie. Smoky eyes are suitable for almost all regardless of the type of appearance and hair color, and secondly, smoky makeup is very simple and not time consuming. It can do can any woman!smoky eye makeup
Smoky eyes work wonders with the appearance of women: it gives a special flavor, makes it look mysterious and profound especially noticeable when the effect of multiple overhead cilia and is suitable as an alternative day and evening makeup. By the way, there is a stereotype that smoky eyes done exclusively with gray shadows. This is plainly wrong it is the daily blue eye makeup, as well as other colors, involves the use of pastels, golden, brown shades, and night – cold dark gray, gray-brown, lilac-purple, gray and black shades.
Smoky eye makeup it’s highly feathered shade of eyeliner or dark shades. With this you can use to apply shadow on both a century and only work with the top – this makeup allows women to dream and add their own touches. As for mascara it will take many, preferably a dark color. To consolidate the results and to give more expressive look,apply just a couple of bills on the outer edges of the cilia the effect is stunning.
The transitions between light and dark shades should be as smooth, so look acquire its charm and depth. In order for makeup stayed as long as possible and looked stunning eye must cause a corrective tool and a little powdered eyelids are flesh-colored powder. This will not only become the basis of makeup, but hides minor flaws such as bruising or bags under the eyes.
Choose the color of shadows. Do not take this stage makeup carelessly. He is very responsible and it depends on him the beauty of your eyes.
Shadows of the darkest colors are applied to the upper eyelid as close as possible to the lash line and carefully shaded. And the closer you get to pick the eyebrow the paler shade apply. For eyeliner you can choose a dark color depending on color chosen shadows. Eyeliner should be applied to the lash line and then just as carefully shade. By the way, if you have large eyes for even greater effect of depth view move the inner part of the century.
Now on to the carcass after it is the final touch of smoky eye makeup. Apply one coat, give him time to dry and apply another layer. Remember the separation of adherent cilia! It’s no good to walk with a fatal woman pound layer superimposed messy mascara on the eyelashes.

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Permanent Eye Makeup (2)

Permanent eye makeup

Part Two
Permanent eye makeup or tattooing is attracting more and more attention. This trend in general, it is justified. It’s a great opportunity, regardless of time of day, state of health and availability of cosmetic products at hand always look glamorous, beautiful and well maintained. Traditional makeup can not distinguish between resistance, he soon begins to crumble, to slide or smear and there is the need to regularly tinker with it and make sure that everything was in order.permanent eye makeup
This makeup is easy to emphasize the natural beauty, only slightly modifying the shape of eyebrows, lips and even nipples. Then there will be no need to spend extra time in the mornings to bring myself up. In addition, significantly improves the skin – the pore is no longer clogged decorative cosmetics. This option is ideal makeup for people with sensitive skin type, and allergy to cosmetics.
Application procedure permanent makeup. The process of creating permanent eye makeup is that using disposable needles into the upper layers of the skin a special dye injected. Paint for the tattoo is made on an organic or mineral-based and does not cause allergic reactions. It is administered exclusively in the upper layers of the skin, thanks to the blood vessels and nerve endings remain intact.
Before you start building a dye is applied to a special gel, providing pain relief. During the procedure, which takes less than an hour, apply only disposable instruments, which guarantee complete sterility. Upon completion of the skin covered with a special antibacterial cream helps to relieve inflammation and irritation.
For 24 hours after the establishment of permanent eye makeup, skin should be washed with cool water to prevent the appearance of crusts. If the peel is still there, you need to lubricate them Vaseline lipstick. Complete healing after tattoo is 3-4 weeks. During this period it is necessary to completely eliminate steamed procedures (sauna, steam room and beauty treatments), as well as direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.
The color palette of tattoo has virtually no boundaries. This is due to the use of a huge number of pigments, a combination of whom it is possible to obtain the desired color. Choosing the main line of makeup, you should use the basic outline that will look appropriate in all situations.
The result is stored tattoo on the skin for three to five years. Duration of wearing permanent makeup depends on the characteristics of the skin and the amount of sunlight on it, which leads to fading of dyes. Restore makeup is possible with the upgrade.

Permanent Eye Makeup Part One

Permanent Eye Makeup

Permanent eye makeup

Part One
In the permanent eye makeup, especially when the shooter, are widely used contrasting shades: black, umber, plum, dark green, purple.
In permanent makeup there is a separation in the upper and lower eyelids. This makeup looks impressive on any person in any aspect and form of the eye. If the client chose the arrow, select the ciliary margin is still necessary, because if you do not, then between the arrow and the eyelashes will NOT, space. Immediately made anesthesia. As you know, on the upper eyelid eyelashes arranged in several rows about 3-5 – the number of rows depends, will have line or wider.permanent eye makeup
Lower eyelid does not always emphasize: often drawing and upper and lower eyelid visually narrows his eyes. In addition, the emphasis of the lower eyelid can visually lower the level of the eye that is not always a desirable outcome. There is another argument: the modern life with its stress and poor environmental causes, even in younger women early in the skin under the eyes are aging, wrinkles, appear the capillary vessels. Drawing of the lower eyelid, in this case reinforces the effect of aging, fatigue, shadows under his permanent eye makeup.
However, if the client has finally decided to emphasize not only the top, but the lower eyelid, the wizard can be divided into two stages procedure. One day, he works on the upper eyelid, and a week later, when everything is healed – over the lower. This is done to reduce the swelling of the eye, which is strongest in the morning after the procedure on the lower lid is only one row of eyelashes. Next to the roots of the eyelashes or eyelids held under a very thin fine line, thus increasing the visual eye.
Color to emphasize the lower lid usually pick the most natural: taupe, gray, light brown. Of course, it should be in harmony with the color scheme permanent eye makeup the upper eyelid and eyebrows.
Makeup is about 30 percent lighter than immediately after the procedure and shade colder. Experts believe that permanent makeup is ideal not only for young women, but ladies and after 45 – when the natural colors fade and natural lines are less expressive. In addition, this option is very convenient for women who wear glasses.
Small eyes need a little thick line arrow, not necessarily black. For the black outline in general should be treated with caution: in one case, he can visually increase the size of the eye and another – visually shrink it.

Permanent Eye Makeup Part Two

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup

Using the appliance for such makeup under the skin is introduced specially pigment in depth 0.3-0.7 mm. It allows beauticians keep the needful shades.permanent makeup
There is opinion that permanent makeup is a replacement of daily makeup. But it isn’t. This makeup is used like the basis of decorative makeup. If a woman doesn’t use the decorative cosmetic at all she will look like a very neat and well-groomed person.
Permanent makeup
The procedure of permanent makeup consists of such stages:
Step one: creating the sketch, pigment selection and color.
Step two: fixation of sketch. A little punctures on the skin are made where a sketch is put.
Step three: anesthesia. A special cream or gel is used.
Step four: the procedure of printing.
Step five: skincare after the procedure.
Permanent makeup isn’t always so painful and unpleasant procedure. Actually the tatoos have some similarity with simple tattoo. The pigment is introduced into the skin only to skin-deep. Besides that this makeup is done with special anesthesia: cream or gel.
But you shall feel some discomfort during this procedure. How long will last a makeup like this? In different beauty salons it last in different way. Usually this kind of makeup is kept for a few years. But nobody can guarantee how long it will be in your skin.
This makeup depends on some factors. It depends on your age, type of skin, colors of pigment or lifestyle.