Makeup Palettes (3)

Makeup palettes

Part Three
In the selected clothes should always be so was the presence of 2.3 flowers and more. For very bright makeup palettes we do not recommend wearing clothes saturated and warm colors. It is necessary to opt for a cold colors in the clothes – black, green, blue and purple. At light makeup will be good, if you pick up your dress in pink, cherry or raspberry color. If you routinely use light eye shadow and your makeup is similar to the natural one, then you need to get clothes very light colors: green, yellow, pink, blue and red. If you have darker colors predominate in the makeup, then wear something pale blue, brown or palettes
If you use a dark beige tonal basis for the person who is not advisable to wear bright clothes with very colorful pictures. It will be successful with self-colored dress and dark shades.
Remember that the basic rule underlies the makeup palettes, which is successfully combined with clothing is the fact that any makeup should match clothes. That is, if your clothing is modest and quiet coloring, hence the makeup should be the same light eye shadow, pure color face powder, lipstick is soft. And if in your wardrobe is dominated by very bright colors in clothing, then, accordingly, your makeup should be a bright dark shadows, blush, powder and lipstick bright.
Another important criterion by which to select the appropriate attire and makeup, serves time. For example, if you wear dark clothing during the day, be sure to emphasize its bright shade of lipstick or lip gloss. If you decide to go out in snow-white dress or suit, emphasize this outfit with bright shades of makeup.
It’s bright pink lipstick, blue eye shadow or shade of gray and beige face powder. Black attire requires just the opposite use of light shadows and transparent lip gloss. Bright and colorful costumes makeup palettes is not recommended supplement, which uses shades of pink.
And finally, I would like to add that when applying makeup is always necessary to not only color but also the style of your clothes. When jogging suit or a light bright makeup modest dress is not to his face. If you wear an evening dress, for example, the classic dress, do not forget to put emphasis on the eyes and bright lipstick, but if you put a very bright dress with visible elements of a prominent decor, then your makeup should be so very bright.

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Makeup Palettes (2)

Makeup palettes

Part Two
Color of any makeup depends largely on the color and shade of clothing. Consequently, the ability to combine with makeup palettes and dress, you will always look your best. Therefore, when choosing makeup or fashion, don’t choose the colors that are considered most fashionable. Remember that the most correct choice will be, if you pick up a harmony between the colors of clothes as well as, for example, eye shadow or palettes
List of harmonizing makeup palettes and clothes too big, but we try to distinguish this mass from the most basic. It is believed that the bright red color very well with green, black, blue, gray and gold. Not suited to the red colors like lilac, orange, dark green and brown. The colors in harmony with purple it’s light blue and green, gold, silver and pure white. Not in harmony of color it’s orange, lilac and brick hue. For purple hue suitable gold, pale blue, green, and are not suitable blue, orange and purple.
Orange color blends well with lavender, white, blue, brown and all shades of blue. Not suitable for all shades of orange red color. Pink looks perfect in combination with blue, brown, burgundy and gray, but negative for pink flowers appear green, purple and yellow. Brown originally looked at a combination with pink, beige and olive, and negatively with red, brown and purple.
Olive hue allows colors like brown, gold, green and all shades of blue. This is not recommended to combine with olive purple, all shades of pink and purple flowers. The blue color in makeup palettes is perfect harmony with the blue and red, but the mistake is if you try to combine it with colors like lilac and purple. Blue tint would look good with gray, all shades of red, maroon, gold, shades of pink and olive. Negative for blue colors is green and brown. Original golden color will look, if you combine it with a pale blue, dark green and blue, olive and brown. The best choice is a combination of gold and red, but pink and lilac to use, we strongly recommend.
As for the yellow, then perform this dominant is brown and all shades of green, but pink stands totally inappropriate. With a purple tinge well blended golden, yellow, light blue and orange. Not recommended colors – all shades of red. With shades of green look all shades of beige and black. Not suitable is red and purple. Purple ideally be combined with such colors as red, purple, black and green. Not recommended colors – all shades of red, olive, pink, gold and burgundy.
And finally, the eternal classic is black. Successful advocate for the black colors – pink, purple, red. A good combination of black and white, as they say, the classic complement the classics. Inconsonant colors with virtually no black except for dark green and beige.

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Makeup Palettes Part Three

Makeup Palettes

Makeup palettes

Part One
To make up a harmonious useful knowledge about the principles of color, chromatic. In the makeup palettes use both primary and secondary colors, which make up a rich color palette. They are diametrically opposed to the chromatic circle. These colors are next to each other mutually reinforcing, because each color as it is reflected in another adding to it. This principle is very good to use when choosing eye shadow colors. makeup palettes
For example, if you need to emphasize blue eyes, you can use the shadow of an orange, which have a bluish tint. They emphasize the better eye color than shades of blue. If the eyes are green, you can use shadow colors from red derivatives. The eyes will seem darker, if ever painted in the colors: pink, bright red (carmine), purple, fuchsia color. Eyes hazel with golden sparks set off the small purple shadows and shades as well as colors that are complementary yellow. Eyes gray-green or bluish-green shade of green shades to accentuate their color to enhance a gray-blue iridescent color.
You can use the shadow of an orange which will enhance blue eye color. Green eye shades can highlight are derived from red. In working with the subsidiary colors of makeup palettes, be aware that they are mutually reinforcing. For example, purple and olive color should not be used for touching up the eyes with yellowish whites. Purple lipstick should not be used if the yellow tint on the teeth. If the eyes are red streaks don’t use the green shadows and shades of green. This will increase the effect of “bad” eye.
Cool colors create a feeling of depth views and warm is a sense of relief. To the upper eyelid seemed less sunken it can be painted pale pink, light green shade. They will look strikingly. Convexity age can be made less visible, if they cover the shadows of deep cold colors such as blue, violet, lilac. Red and green is the color transition, they can be a cold, then warm, because being affected adjacent colors. Red are located next to the lilac, it will seem warm, but if it is next to the green, yellow or orange, it will seem cold.
Recently, eye makeup palettes game based on the use of colors, colors. Use the same shade of saturation and that the iris, but a different color. So, brown eyes will look more impressive if the lid painted shades of medium green tone, eyes, green-yellow shades can be painted a light pink color.

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Makeup Kits

Makeup kits

At a respectable woman must be all right. And if you use makeup then you must have a wide range of cosmetics, which will always help you to tidy himself up. Of course, don’t need to carry in your bag all your makeup. But there are makeup kits that need to be in the beautician women have always been, if she wants to look good under any kits
It should be noted that the stores sell special camp set for make up and it is convenient, if all the funds that are there you will fit. Women usually have their “own” means and often they are from different manufacturers. If you leave the house with makeup, you have to be a mirror in your makeup kits. Meanwhile mirror that in powder compacts it is often inconvenient to use. Be sure that to wear a napkin will be better when use it wet. If you need to tweak the make up, they will help to remove ink remnants of lipstick.
Additionally, they freshen the face. The powder is needed to immediately align the tone. If you use a crumbly powder house, you can take with them a similar compact, the same company and same tone. One tube of lipstick or lip gloss is usually sufficient to update the makeup after lunch.
But sometimes after work we are not going home, we can recover to a party, meeting or in a theater. In this case, it is possible to bring a second lipstick more appropriate for evening. For the same purpose in marching purse worth having a small box of shadows. They can easily transform your business image. Mascara should take in case you suddenly get into the rain. But the best mascara during the day do not use it.
Another layer can only spoil the appearance of eyelashes, making them look like spider legs. Be sure to carry in a purse compact packing of thermal water. During the day, to moisturize the skin and even hair. Thermal water has done that admirably. Simply spray a few times during the day the water on your face and hair.
This will help you not only the skin, which loses moisture in dry air conditioned, but the makeup and secure. If you go on vacation or business trip, you can put into your makeup kits a cream and a means for removing makeup. Don’t take much space, do not hold your favorite tools as a whole. Simply purchase a special set of mini-containers for cosmetics that are sold in beauty shops and pour or to shift some resources there.


Makeup Brush Set (2)

Makeup brush set

Part Two
To make the perfect makeup sometimes quite a professional skill of their own fingers. A simply beautiful do not use the services of makeup artist, you need an arsenal of makeup brush set and other devices for applying brush set
Fashion time figured out that in the wisdom of their choice. The most important thing in your hands is shape and material of which they are made. Pile brush is a natural and artificial. Coat proteins, marten, sable is valued higher, but can cause undesirable reactions irritation, itching, watery if you are prone to allergies to animals. Synthetic brush distributes beauty-tool more evenly. In addition, they are hygienic: natural hair absorbs too much liquid and creamy texture. And cheaper. Can get out the bristles of both types. Therefore, when buying essential to pay attention to proper mounting pile to handle. By the way, then, from what material it is made is wood or plastic has absolutely no value. Now about the forms and types of makeup brush set.
Brush for applying tonal resources should be round and fat with a short nap. A small convenient disguise under-eye circles and pimples. For the application of foundation and base as well as to erase the boundary between the cream and proof of different colors or shades are sponges. Start makeup sponges to be in the form of pyramids and for shading around the eye concealer is best to choose a sponge with pointed corners. Thanks to puff as crumbly and compact powder can be applied in an even thin layer. Puff closer contact with the skin and makeup will last longer. Brush powder is easily recognized by size: it is the biggest, with a long nap. After all she must not render the nuances and apply powder on the entire surface of the face, neck and neck. What it is, the more evenly applied powder. Equally convenient, round and flat versions. They are easy to remove any excess funds crumbly, but not so of puff.
Makeup brush set to apply blush on the contrary, should not be broad. Otherwise, it may draw on the cheeks strip and not blush. Brush must be flat, rounded with long hairs along the middle and short sides. Pile length 2-3 cm only way to get control of rouge and the width of the stroke. Also, this brush can be used for drawing shadows. Brush for shading of blush may be little more than a brush to apply them. The main difference is that all the hairs she has the same length. It will soften color transitions of color and shade borders, so before using it down in paint is not necessary. Thin brush to apply shadow makes a clear line.

Makeup Brush Set Part One

Makeup Brush Set

Makeup brush set

Part One
Let’s start with makeup application for which need special makeup brush set. To loose powder fell on the skin with a thin even layer you need a large brush, hair length is about 6 cm. The brushes for loose powders come in two forms. Some have all the hairs the same length. Others have in the center of the hairs slightly longer than the edges. makeup brush setI recommend buying the one with the hairs of different lengths. Due to its shape it causes the powder very gently as if align movements. When the ends of the strands of such dips a makeup brush set into powder, gaining not much cosmetic. Brush is almost no need to shake to get rid of excess powder. A brush hair is the same length, “greedy” – captures the excess amount of powder.
For the application of blush there are special brushes – they are a little less loose powder brushes. Flat, sloping obliquely in a straight line with a brush is very easy to highlight cheekbones. She spends accented line which then need another feather brush for blush with hair the same length. Better, of course, have both of these brushes. They provide the best duo blush overlay. But you can do one with hair the same length, especially if you do not often use rouge.
Those who paint the lips apply lipstick with a brush specialists are recommend as do all professional makeup artists. Lipstick on the lips of well-kept. In addition, you can brush lipstick very sharp, even without using the liner and yet sharply defined mouth not in vogue today. Brush the lips a little – the length of her hair about one inch. This accessory makeup must be provided with a cap – or pomaded hair will spoil everything what touch.
Flawless eyebrows help draw tiny flat makeup brush set are angled diagonally. The length of her hair from about 4 to 8 mm. It is very convenient to apply the shadow, destined for the eyebrows. And if you prefer to adjust the shape of eyebrows with a pencil, a brush will need to feather the pencil strokes – eyebrows look very natural.
Brushes for the shadows are different. Which is to choose depends on how you prefer to apply the shadow. If you like clean lines to sum up my eyes choose a flat brush, working length is less than a centimeter. By moving a hand on a narrow age edged forward, you’ll have a smooth, clear line. Brush a little more with hairs about 1.5-2 cm convenient to apply the shadow all the eyelid, shade them, erase the borders between different colors or shades of colors. If you’re in the eye makeup using a different application technique of shadows, you’ll need both of these brushes.
Brush in the form of tiny vanes used in the final stage makeup. Whisk it with pieces of the lower eyelid shadow crumbled from the top.

Makeup Brush Set Part Two