Bridal Makeup (2)

Bridal makeup

Part Two
Most harmoniously, combined with a white dress would look like an easy natural bridal makeup is made depending on your color type with mother of pearl, silver or golden shades. Eyes should be given maximum brilliance and expressiveness. But beware, if you have overhanging eyelids or bulging eyes pearl highlight these shortcomings. In these cases, the imposition of flickering shadows should be entrusted only to the expert.bridal makeup
Bridal makeup must be light, elegant, not congested. Otherwise, the bride can look older than her groom. At the first you can do fine with a black pencil eyeliner on the upper lashes between the first century or very thin dividing line. The shadows are best applied with special brushes for shading. Use applicators for each color is better to use a clean applicator, so as not to get dirty makeup. To make the eyes brighter and more expressive, choose the shadows or bright colors, not too saturated and bright.
Highlight and “open” the eyes can help: if you have fair skin choose white tint shadows, which must be applied under the eyebrow by a thin line or if the skin is tanned, you have – cream or cream shade.
It harmonizes perfectly with the white usually silk or satin iridescent wedding dresses. Medium intensity shadow shades “cocoa” and “coffee with milk” provide excellent toning means to emphasize the eye shape or as an accent in centuries. To make the expressive eyes apply a thin line on the upper and lower eyelids are dark, rich shade of natural tones such as chocolate, charcoal, ebony.
If your wedding is planned in the summer, it must be some more points. When the bridal makeup in the summer, remember that it is hot outside and makeup on your face may begin to flow. Therefore, we must use as a basis for wedding makeup or gel for the face or non-greasy cream. Foundation must be very clear and it is based on water. Lipstick be sure to secure a dusting brush large paper napkin. Mascara must be waterproof. The entire makeup must be very easy, natural and invisible to others.

Bridal Makeup Part One

Wedding Makeup Artists

Wedding makeup artists

Wedding makeup is really a cross between a night and day option. On the one hand it requires care especially in the imposition of tone, because the bride will have to “save face” for a long time. However, in contrast to a fun party, a wedding is an event sufficiently serious and formal, but because in most cases, wedding makeup artists is distinguishes rigor, thoroughness and feathering even a makeup artists
Preference is given to the natural, warm tones, but the choice of colors wedding makeup is very important not so much the type of person the bride, as the style and color of her dress. Now in vogue colored outfits and therefore should be especially careful that your face was in harmony with both color and styles with dresses. One of the most common mistakes is using pink blush or lipstick in a pink dress.
Another important point when doing wedding makeup artists: the color of shadows should not be the same and the contrast with the color of the eyes to emphasize their form and expression. So do not be afraid to use say a transparent green or blue shadows in brown eyes and, conversely, sand or gold in blue. Incidentally it is desirable to contrast with the color of eyes and a bridal bouquet, maybe that’s why it is so popular red flowers?
It is important to choose the right color of foundation. It must comply with the most natural skin tone. Agree, don’t a pretty sight when in the open dress complexion does not match the color of the neck and shoulders. To find the number of colors you need to put a dab on the chest area and see how natural it would look in daylight – in fact most of the festival is held in the afternoon.
In contrast to the everyday makeup wedding makeup artists should be special, “with a twist.” As a rule exquisitely subtle unless you have chosen some extreme style wedding, which these days occurs quite often. At the same time for the traditional image of the bride to be inappropriate and evening makeup is he can be rude and vulgar. Such makeup must meet all the style that the bride chooses for himself.
When choosing a color makeup must also take into account the color of your eyes, your skin color, the color of your hair and just a shade of your dress. When applying makeup the wedding keep in mind that he should be executed in view of the photo and video. Bridal makeup should be carried out by professional makeup artists.

Indian Wedding Makeup

Indian wedding makeup

In India the bride’s makeup depends largely on the taste of her sisters, relatives and friends of her future husband – the bride is given a passive role in preparing for the wedding. Today, among brides in India fashion makeup from a professional makeup artist. However, the makeup services are not always available for brides who live in small towns or villages, so that Indian girls are taught the basics of adolescence with a wedding makeup. indian wedding makeup
For a perfect indian wedding makeup is very important soft, smooth and beautiful skin, so a few weeks before the wedding a bride begins to treat skin with care. Homemade cosmetic ubtan, which is used for wrapping and a good face mask giving the skin the necessary softness. Acne and pimples easily removed after treatment of the skin with steam when the pores open. To preserve the freshness of the skin will help a refreshing tonic or astringent lotion.
Attach great importance to decorate the hands of the bride’s wedding day, so your hands and nails must be in perfect condition. To soften nails and cuticles, soak them in warm soapy water with baking soda. In order to give the desired shape nails use nail file. Horny layer of skin can be removed using a special nail polish of an orange tree, pre-process it with olive oil or a means of containing it. Nail scissors cut away dead skin fragments.
With a pencil give eyebrows shape. In the center of the forehead bindi glue – the decoration can be as traditional round or oval, depending on the oval face. Bindi also can be red to match the sari. Also, you can decorate the forehead above the eyebrows small dots in the shape of a crescent. Lip indian wedding makeup is the final stage makeup. Initially, apply a light lipstick, and then a darker shade. Apply over lipstick lip gloss. When finished makeup, gently tighten it an astringent lotion.
Clean the face, moisten the skin cream. Apply to clean skin tone foundation. Hide blemishes, dark circles and bags under the eyes will help tone base with a reflective effect or concealer. Do not forget to put the tonal foundation on the chin and neck to avoid a sharp contrast. On the skin at the temples applicator, apply liquid blush and gently blend to blush looks natural. Smooth compact or loose powder. Do not forget to put powder on top as the eyelids and lips – thanks to the powder and lipstick shade will be better grasped. Preparing the way a person go to the eye indian wedding makeup: a pencil or draw a contour eyeliner, apply shadow and mascara eyelashes. Shadows of a blue hue are best suited for the traditional red dress the bride, but also allowed the use of shadows green or golden.

Bridal Makeup Asian

Bridal makeup asian

Asian eye shape is very different from Europe, so when it comes to bridal makeup asian you will need a special approach. For the asian eyes using mascara to create the effect of extension is always individual. Asian girls are rare eyelashes that grow downward probably that’s why the Asian tweezers for twisting the eyelashes to buy is simpler than sushi.bridal makeup asian
Asian eyes – beautiful. Bridal makeup asian is always a very unusual one. Those eyes seemed set for liner and bold colors. In Eastern women, as a rule, small eyes, so the main task is to visually enlarge them.
Studying the literature on “Asian makeup” it affects the monotony: a natural, little eyeliner on the eyes and a lot of mascara. Variation is allowed only in the case lipstick.
It indeed the most beautiful Asian women in the world of lips, so they fit even the most vivid and bold colors. Asian women just love the color. They love to paint even more than Western women: the Asian countries sell more cosmetics than the entire West.
A few tips of makeup for Asian eyes:
1. False eyelashes will become your new friends.
2. Use only water-resistant liner, because when you open your eyes the line of the upper eyelid disappears from view and can be smeared eyeliner.
3. Treat yourself to a pair of pincers for twisting her eyelashes.
4. Think about how to build up the lashes.
5. Watch for the eyebrows – they should always have a clear form.
6. Maybe you should lighten your eyebrows. This will soften your image, not only, but also the hair – it will be easier to comb his eyebrows!
7. Permanent eyelash curl which are made by all the canons, gives a great result. But if it makes a layman the lashes can burn it. Sometimes the result of the layman – it’s a woman with a serious eye infection and a girl who lashes bent almost 360°. Not worth the risk!
Vivid image of bridal makeup asian for Asian eyes can be seen in films with the participation of Japanese or Chinese actresses. But look on the screen is one thing, but to plunge into the world of travel and tourism in Eastern countries is another. And if you decided to personally look at the beauty of Asian eyes, then tours to China in 2010 will be welcome. Plunge into the fascinating world of travel in the country of mysteries and miracles the country of ancient traditions and beliefs, white-haired old men and beautiful Asian women.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup

Part One
Bridal makeup is important addition of image fiancйe. Makeup on wedding day must be comfortable and emphasize the natural beauty. This makeup must to add confidence for her proprietress.bridal makeup
Bridal makeup can be perfect only if you use a help of expert in beauty salon. There is a wide range of services. In case, your makeup will be supersensual and incomparable. There will be a great selection of color gammy and the style of your individual makeup.
It is very important create an individual image for fiancйe. There are a several nuances.
This makeup must look equally of different lighting. Makeup must don’t spread. The cosmetics must be a good quality. Makeup must clearly appear on the photos.
Very important element of this makeup especially for you is your individual style of makeup. For this you must use a service of one expert in one beauty salon. Don’t use several salons simultaneously.
Bridal makeup causes on face gradually. At first cause a cream. After it you cause tone means. It will masked deficiencies and smoothed the skin surface. Makeup is impossible without the powder. The crayon and eye shadow used in makeup too.
Makeup is impossible without the flourish and lip gloss. They are complemented wedding image.
You must also consider the color of wedding dress. Don’t remember that you must prepare in advance all this details. Then your bridal makeup and wedding at all will be the unforgettable event.

Bridal Makeup Part Two

Wedding Makeup

When you are choosing the cosmetic for wedding makeup you must consider the features of hair, type of skin and color of eyes. You must also consider the color of wedding dress. The fiancйe can contact for a help to her friend or expert of wedding makeup
This makeup can be perfect only if you use a help of expert in beauty salon. There is a wide range of services. In case, your makeup will be supersensual and incomparable. There will be a great selection of color gammy and the style of your individual makeup.
Very important element of bridal makeup especially for you is your individual style of makeup. For this you must use a service of one expert in one beauty salon. Don’t use several salons simultaneously. In this case your makeup will be threatened. It will be done wrong and ugly.
Experienced expert will help you to create incomparable bridal makeup which will be thought-out of details. Makeup includes also a nail care too. Beautifully patterns on your nails will be perfect addition for your wedding image.
If you haven’t the natural beauty nails you shall do a nail extension. It doesn’t spoil a makeup. It will look very original and beautiful. The most beautiful pattern will look only on your ring finger.
Don’t remember that you must prepare in advance all this details. Then your wedding makeup and wedding at all will be the unforgettable event.