Everyday Makeup

Choose the color of shadows for your permanent makeup carefully. Do not take this stage makeup carelessly. He is very responsible and it depends on him the beauty of your eyes. Do a permanent eye makeup. Simple tattoo and permanent makeup: what better to choose. Smoky makeup is universal. That is its main advantage. Smoky makeup suits blondes, brunettes, brunette, redhead. Choose warm shades of foundation, too pale skin in combination with dark smoky eye makeup will look evil and predatory. Application procedure permanent makeup. The process of creating this type of makeup is that using disposable needles into the upper layers of the skin a special dye injected. The emphasis in this kind of makeup done by eye to the effect of light haze.

01. Permanent Makeup
02. Permanent Eye Makeup (1)
03. Permanent Eye Makeup (2)
04. Smoky Eye Makeup (1)
05. Smoky Eye Makeup (2)
06. Smoky Eye Makeup (3)