Permanent Eye Makeup (2)

Permanent eye makeup

Part Two
Permanent eye makeup or tattooing is attracting more and more attention. This trend in general, it is justified. It’s a great opportunity, regardless of time of day, state of health and availability of cosmetic products at hand always look glamorous, beautiful and well maintained. Traditional makeup can not distinguish between resistance, he soon begins to crumble, to slide or smear and there is the need to regularly tinker with it and make sure that everything was in order.permanent eye makeup
This makeup is easy to emphasize the natural beauty, only slightly modifying the shape of eyebrows, lips and even nipples. Then there will be no need to spend extra time in the mornings to bring myself up. In addition, significantly improves the skin – the pore is no longer clogged decorative cosmetics. This option is ideal makeup for people with sensitive skin type, and allergy to cosmetics.
Application procedure permanent makeup. The process of creating permanent eye makeup is that using disposable needles into the upper layers of the skin a special dye injected. Paint for the tattoo is made on an organic or mineral-based and does not cause allergic reactions. It is administered exclusively in the upper layers of the skin, thanks to the blood vessels and nerve endings remain intact.
Before you start building a dye is applied to a special gel, providing pain relief. During the procedure, which takes less than an hour, apply only disposable instruments, which guarantee complete sterility. Upon completion of the skin covered with a special antibacterial cream helps to relieve inflammation and irritation.
For 24 hours after the establishment of permanent eye makeup, skin should be washed with cool water to prevent the appearance of crusts. If the peel is still there, you need to lubricate them Vaseline lipstick. Complete healing after tattoo is 3-4 weeks. During this period it is necessary to completely eliminate steamed procedures (sauna, steam room and beauty treatments), as well as direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.
The color palette of tattoo has virtually no boundaries. This is due to the use of a huge number of pigments, a combination of whom it is possible to obtain the desired color. Choosing the main line of makeup, you should use the basic outline that will look appropriate in all situations.
The result is stored tattoo on the skin for three to five years. Duration of wearing permanent makeup depends on the characteristics of the skin and the amount of sunlight on it, which leads to fading of dyes. Restore makeup is possible with the upgrade.

Permanent Eye Makeup Part One

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