Permanent Eye Makeup

Permanent eye makeup

Part One
In the permanent eye makeup, especially when the shooter, are widely used contrasting shades: black, umber, plum, dark green, purple.
In permanent makeup there is a separation in the upper and lower eyelids. This makeup looks impressive on any person in any aspect and form of the eye. If the client chose the arrow, select the ciliary margin is still necessary, because if you do not, then between the arrow and the eyelashes will NOT, space. Immediately made anesthesia. As you know, on the upper eyelid eyelashes arranged in several rows about 3-5 – the number of rows depends, will have line or wider.permanent eye makeup
Lower eyelid does not always emphasize: often drawing and upper and lower eyelid visually narrows his eyes. In addition, the emphasis of the lower eyelid can visually lower the level of the eye that is not always a desirable outcome. There is another argument: the modern life with its stress and poor environmental causes, even in younger women early in the skin under the eyes are aging, wrinkles, appear the capillary vessels. Drawing of the lower eyelid, in this case reinforces the effect of aging, fatigue, shadows under his permanent eye makeup.
However, if the client has finally decided to emphasize not only the top, but the lower eyelid, the wizard can be divided into two stages procedure. One day, he works on the upper eyelid, and a week later, when everything is healed – over the lower. This is done to reduce the swelling of the eye, which is strongest in the morning after the procedure on the lower lid is only one row of eyelashes. Next to the roots of the eyelashes or eyelids held under a very thin fine line, thus increasing the visual eye.
Color to emphasize the lower lid usually pick the most natural: taupe, gray, light brown. Of course, it should be in harmony with the color scheme permanent eye makeup the upper eyelid and eyebrows.
Makeup is about 30 percent lighter than immediately after the procedure and shade colder. Experts believe that permanent makeup is ideal not only for young women, but ladies and after 45 – when the natural colors fade and natural lines are less expressive. In addition, this option is very convenient for women who wear glasses.
Small eyes need a little thick line arrow, not necessarily black. For the black outline in general should be treated with caution: in one case, he can visually increase the size of the eye and another – visually shrink it.

Permanent Eye Makeup Part Two

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