Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup

Using the appliance for such makeup under the skin is introduced specially pigment in depth 0.3-0.7 mm. It allows beauticians keep the needful shades.permanent makeup
There is opinion that permanent makeup is a replacement of daily makeup. But it isn’t. This makeup is used like the basis of decorative makeup. If a woman doesn’t use the decorative cosmetic at all she will look like a very neat and well-groomed person.
Permanent makeup
The procedure of permanent makeup consists of such stages:
Step one: creating the sketch, pigment selection and color.
Step two: fixation of sketch. A little punctures on the skin are made where a sketch is put.
Step three: anesthesia. A special cream or gel is used.
Step four: the procedure of printing.
Step five: skincare after the procedure.
Permanent makeup isn’t always so painful and unpleasant procedure. Actually the tatoos have some similarity with simple tattoo. The pigment is introduced into the skin only to skin-deep. Besides that this makeup is done with special anesthesia: cream or gel.
But you shall feel some discomfort during this procedure. How long will last a makeup like this? In different beauty salons it last in different way. Usually this kind of makeup is kept for a few years. But nobody can guarantee how long it will be in your skin.
This makeup depends on some factors. It depends on your age, type of skin, colors of pigment or lifestyle.

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