Smoky Eye Makeup (2)

Smoky eye makeup

Part Two
We admire the stars, their beauty, stage presence, confidence. Every girl at least once dreamed to be in the spotlight, so it was watching the views of millions of people who wanted to walk arm in arm with handsome handsome on the red carpet and squinting from the flash of cameras. In order to feel like a queen, desirable and sexy is not necessarily to be a star, just use some tricks. For a start – smoky eye makeup.smoky eye makeup
The most sexy and attractive for a long time is makeup “smoky eyes”. Each star has repeatedly resorted to this enchanting secret eyes. This makeup was and remains one of the most spectacular. Languid and sexy look always will attract attention. Be mysterious, alluring, glamorous it is every woman wants. Makeup «Smoky Eyes» will help you to feel exactly like that.
The tone of the face is very important. It should be, especially if the skin is not perfect minor flaws and pimples can easily spoil your image. It is important to hide the circles under his eyes, because they can spoil the whole picture and turn the “smoky” look of a sleepy or even tortured. Choose warm shades of foundation, too pale skin in combination with dark smoky eye makeup will look evil and predatory.
Encircling the eye creating a form that better pencil eyeliner instead. Pencil lighter shade. It is very desirable that the color combined with color brows. First you need to circle the upper eyelid. All transitions should be smooth. Must hold the line on the upper eyelid as close to the lash line. At the outer edge of the line should be thicker and gradually narrow as we approach the middle of the eye. Not necessarily bring it to the inner corner.
Then the makeup does not seem aggressive. Color pencil necessarily have to choose to match the color of shadows. It is important to choose the right color to look just turned sexual, but not sullen. Another secret of the “smoky” makeup is a combination of dark shadows and highlights. The combination should be contrasted, but the lines – smooth and feathered. First apply the bright, flickering shadows is from crease to brow. The dark color is necessary to put on the movable upper eyelid – from the lash line to crease.
The main emphasis in this smoky eye makeup done on her eyes according to the rules of good makeup, his lips do not have to stand out. Lipstick is better to choose natural shades or lighter. You can even restrict ourselves to lip gloss. And finally, the final stroke – blush. Apply mascara on the lashes volume. Eyelashes should be thick, but separated from each other, in any case not sticky.

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