Smoky Eye Makeup

Smoky eye makeup

Part One
Want to create an image of the fatal woman? Then the smoky eye makeup is for you. Smoky eyes it’s practically immortal makeup who was born in the era of black and white movie. Smoky eyes are suitable for almost all regardless of the type of appearance and hair color, and secondly, smoky makeup is very simple and not time consuming. It can do can any woman!smoky eye makeup
Smoky eyes work wonders with the appearance of women: it gives a special flavor, makes it look mysterious and profound especially noticeable when the effect of multiple overhead cilia and is suitable as an alternative day and evening makeup. By the way, there is a stereotype that smoky eyes done exclusively with gray shadows. This is plainly wrong it is the daily blue eye makeup, as well as other colors, involves the use of pastels, golden, brown shades, and night – cold dark gray, gray-brown, lilac-purple, gray and black shades.
Smoky eye makeup it’s highly feathered shade of eyeliner or dark shades. With this you can use to apply shadow on both a century and only work with the top – this makeup allows women to dream and add their own touches. As for mascara it will take many, preferably a dark color. To consolidate the results and to give more expressive look,apply just a couple of bills on the outer edges of the cilia the effect is stunning.
The transitions between light and dark shades should be as smooth, so look acquire its charm and depth. In order for makeup stayed as long as possible and looked stunning eye must cause a corrective tool and a little powdered eyelids are flesh-colored powder. This will not only become the basis of makeup, but hides minor flaws such as bruising or bags under the eyes.
Choose the color of shadows. Do not take this stage makeup carelessly. He is very responsible and it depends on him the beauty of your eyes.
Shadows of the darkest colors are applied to the upper eyelid as close as possible to the lash line and carefully shaded. And the closer you get to pick the eyebrow the paler shade apply. For eyeliner you can choose a dark color depending on color chosen shadows. Eyeliner should be applied to the lash line and then just as carefully shade. By the way, if you have large eyes for even greater effect of depth view move the inner part of the century.
Now on to the carcass after it is the final touch of smoky eye makeup. Apply one coat, give him time to dry and apply another layer. Remember the separation of adherent cilia! It’s no good to walk with a fatal woman pound layer superimposed messy mascara on the eyelashes.

Smoky Eye Makeup Part Two
Smoky Eye Makeup Part Threee

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