Hair Growth

Hair growth

Hair growth is very slowly process. Height of hair is a problem almost every women. Growing is based on your health.
How to accelerate hair growth? Many people asking themselves this questions. There are many methods about it.
As we know this process is very slowly process. Hair is growing about 1.5 centimeters in month. Certainly there are many other people who have a normal growth of growth
Why hair growth is so impossible today? Every woman wants to be beauty. Beautiful and strong hair is a dream of all about them.
What to do to accelerate growing? At first you must decide to yourself a few things. Do you want to improve your hair or restore anatomy?
There are many secrets that growth of hair. Some of them we will talk to you. The recipe of growth of hair was known our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Growing by folk methods is basing on using natural substances.
Oily skin of head and dandruff are treated of mixture. The mixture makes of alcoholate calendula and castor oil. This mixture chafes to skin of head. It helps your hair be beautiful.

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