Hair Transplant

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is using for people with baldness. Hair transplant procedure as follows. The skin of nape is transplanting to balding transplant
Hair transplant for some people is the decision of them problem. Many men are losing hair at early ages. Especially for this people use transplant of hair. This procedure is using the people after injury of scalp, custodies of skin.
Surgery of hair repair has a few stages. Transplanting is conduct of several procedures. During this procedures skin areas gradually is recovering.
Side effects have a place in transplantation too. The most common of side effects is swelling, numbness and crust formation the skin areas.
After transplant of hair is occurring complications. There is infection and scarring. That’s why a doctor should take into account features of skin types.
Transplant cannot naturalize too. Hair transplanting lose the hair which was transplanted. It is also possible bleeding.
After every procedure the skin area is covering of gauze. Donor skin is close by stitches or paper clips apparatus. After about 10 days all seams are disappearing. During 3-4 months is cicatrization transplant skin.

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