Makeup Brush Set (2)

Makeup brush set

Part Two
To make the perfect makeup sometimes quite a professional skill of their own fingers. A simply beautiful do not use the services of makeup artist, you need an arsenal of makeup brush set and other devices for applying brush set
Fashion time figured out that in the wisdom of their choice. The most important thing in your hands is shape and material of which they are made. Pile brush is a natural and artificial. Coat proteins, marten, sable is valued higher, but can cause undesirable reactions irritation, itching, watery if you are prone to allergies to animals. Synthetic brush distributes beauty-tool more evenly. In addition, they are hygienic: natural hair absorbs too much liquid and creamy texture. And cheaper. Can get out the bristles of both types. Therefore, when buying essential to pay attention to proper mounting pile to handle. By the way, then, from what material it is made is wood or plastic has absolutely no value. Now about the forms and types of makeup brush set.
Brush for applying tonal resources should be round and fat with a short nap. A small convenient disguise under-eye circles and pimples. For the application of foundation and base as well as to erase the boundary between the cream and proof of different colors or shades are sponges. Start makeup sponges to be in the form of pyramids and for shading around the eye concealer is best to choose a sponge with pointed corners. Thanks to puff as crumbly and compact powder can be applied in an even thin layer. Puff closer contact with the skin and makeup will last longer. Brush powder is easily recognized by size: it is the biggest, with a long nap. After all she must not render the nuances and apply powder on the entire surface of the face, neck and neck. What it is, the more evenly applied powder. Equally convenient, round and flat versions. They are easy to remove any excess funds crumbly, but not so of puff.
Makeup brush set to apply blush on the contrary, should not be broad. Otherwise, it may draw on the cheeks strip and not blush. Brush must be flat, rounded with long hairs along the middle and short sides. Pile length 2-3 cm only way to get control of rouge and the width of the stroke. Also, this brush can be used for drawing shadows. Brush for shading of blush may be little more than a brush to apply them. The main difference is that all the hairs she has the same length. It will soften color transitions of color and shade borders, so before using it down in paint is not necessary. Thin brush to apply shadow makes a clear line.

Makeup Brush Set Part One

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