Makeup Brush Set

Makeup brush set

Part One
Let’s start with makeup application for which need special makeup brush set. To loose powder fell on the skin with a thin even layer you need a large brush, hair length is about 6 cm. The brushes for loose powders come in two forms. Some have all the hairs the same length. Others have in the center of the hairs slightly longer than the edges. makeup brush setI recommend buying the one with the hairs of different lengths. Due to its shape it causes the powder very gently as if align movements. When the ends of the strands of such dips a makeup brush set into powder, gaining not much cosmetic. Brush is almost no need to shake to get rid of excess powder. A brush hair is the same length, “greedy” – captures the excess amount of powder.
For the application of blush there are special brushes – they are a little less loose powder brushes. Flat, sloping obliquely in a straight line with a brush is very easy to highlight cheekbones. She spends accented line which then need another feather brush for blush with hair the same length. Better, of course, have both of these brushes. They provide the best duo blush overlay. But you can do one with hair the same length, especially if you do not often use rouge.
Those who paint the lips apply lipstick with a brush specialists are recommend as do all professional makeup artists. Lipstick on the lips of well-kept. In addition, you can brush lipstick very sharp, even without using the liner and yet sharply defined mouth not in vogue today. Brush the lips a little – the length of her hair about one inch. This accessory makeup must be provided with a cap – or pomaded hair will spoil everything what touch.
Flawless eyebrows help draw tiny flat makeup brush set are angled diagonally. The length of her hair from about 4 to 8 mm. It is very convenient to apply the shadow, destined for the eyebrows. And if you prefer to adjust the shape of eyebrows with a pencil, a brush will need to feather the pencil strokes – eyebrows look very natural.
Brushes for the shadows are different. Which is to choose depends on how you prefer to apply the shadow. If you like clean lines to sum up my eyes choose a flat brush, working length is less than a centimeter. By moving a hand on a narrow age edged forward, you’ll have a smooth, clear line. Brush a little more with hairs about 1.5-2 cm convenient to apply the shadow all the eyelid, shade them, erase the borders between different colors or shades of colors. If you’re in the eye makeup using a different application technique of shadows, you’ll need both of these brushes.
Brush in the form of tiny vanes used in the final stage makeup. Whisk it with pieces of the lower eyelid shadow crumbled from the top.

Makeup Brush Set Part Two

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