Makeup Palettes (2)

Makeup palettes

Part Two
Color of any makeup depends largely on the color and shade of clothing. Consequently, the ability to combine with makeup palettes and dress, you will always look your best. Therefore, when choosing makeup or fashion, don’t choose the colors that are considered most fashionable. Remember that the most correct choice will be, if you pick up a harmony between the colors of clothes as well as, for example, eye shadow or palettes
List of harmonizing makeup palettes and clothes too big, but we try to distinguish this mass from the most basic. It is believed that the bright red color very well with green, black, blue, gray and gold. Not suited to the red colors like lilac, orange, dark green and brown. The colors in harmony with purple it’s light blue and green, gold, silver and pure white. Not in harmony of color it’s orange, lilac and brick hue. For purple hue suitable gold, pale blue, green, and are not suitable blue, orange and purple.
Orange color blends well with lavender, white, blue, brown and all shades of blue. Not suitable for all shades of orange red color. Pink looks perfect in combination with blue, brown, burgundy and gray, but negative for pink flowers appear green, purple and yellow. Brown originally looked at a combination with pink, beige and olive, and negatively with red, brown and purple.
Olive hue allows colors like brown, gold, green and all shades of blue. This is not recommended to combine with olive purple, all shades of pink and purple flowers. The blue color in makeup palettes is perfect harmony with the blue and red, but the mistake is if you try to combine it with colors like lilac and purple. Blue tint would look good with gray, all shades of red, maroon, gold, shades of pink and olive. Negative for blue colors is green and brown. Original golden color will look, if you combine it with a pale blue, dark green and blue, olive and brown. The best choice is a combination of gold and red, but pink and lilac to use, we strongly recommend.
As for the yellow, then perform this dominant is brown and all shades of green, but pink stands totally inappropriate. With a purple tinge well blended golden, yellow, light blue and orange. Not recommended colors – all shades of red. With shades of green look all shades of beige and black. Not suitable is red and purple. Purple ideally be combined with such colors as red, purple, black and green. Not recommended colors – all shades of red, olive, pink, gold and burgundy.
And finally, the eternal classic is black. Successful advocate for the black colors – pink, purple, red. A good combination of black and white, as they say, the classic complement the classics. Inconsonant colors with virtually no black except for dark green and beige.

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