Makeup Palettes (3)

Makeup palettes

Part Three
In the selected clothes should always be so was the presence of 2.3 flowers and more. For very bright makeup palettes we do not recommend wearing clothes saturated and warm colors. It is necessary to opt for a cold colors in the clothes – black, green, blue and purple. At light makeup will be good, if you pick up your dress in pink, cherry or raspberry color. If you routinely use light eye shadow and your makeup is similar to the natural one, then you need to get clothes very light colors: green, yellow, pink, blue and red. If you have darker colors predominate in the makeup, then wear something pale blue, brown or palettes
If you use a dark beige tonal basis for the person who is not advisable to wear bright clothes with very colorful pictures. It will be successful with self-colored dress and dark shades.
Remember that the basic rule underlies the makeup palettes, which is successfully combined with clothing is the fact that any makeup should match clothes. That is, if your clothing is modest and quiet coloring, hence the makeup should be the same light eye shadow, pure color face powder, lipstick is soft. And if in your wardrobe is dominated by very bright colors in clothing, then, accordingly, your makeup should be a bright dark shadows, blush, powder and lipstick bright.
Another important criterion by which to select the appropriate attire and makeup, serves time. For example, if you wear dark clothing during the day, be sure to emphasize its bright shade of lipstick or lip gloss. If you decide to go out in snow-white dress or suit, emphasize this outfit with bright shades of makeup.
It’s bright pink lipstick, blue eye shadow or shade of gray and beige face powder. Black attire requires just the opposite use of light shadows and transparent lip gloss. Bright and colorful costumes makeup palettes is not recommended supplement, which uses shades of pink.
And finally, I would like to add that when applying makeup is always necessary to not only color but also the style of your clothes. When jogging suit or a light bright makeup modest dress is not to his face. If you wear an evening dress, for example, the classic dress, do not forget to put emphasis on the eyes and bright lipstick, but if you put a very bright dress with visible elements of a prominent decor, then your makeup should be so very bright.

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