Makeup Palettes

Makeup palettes

Part One
To make up a harmonious useful knowledge about the principles of color, chromatic. In the makeup palettes use both primary and secondary colors, which make up a rich color palette. They are diametrically opposed to the chromatic circle. These colors are next to each other mutually reinforcing, because each color as it is reflected in another adding to it. This principle is very good to use when choosing eye shadow colors. makeup palettes
For example, if you need to emphasize blue eyes, you can use the shadow of an orange, which have a bluish tint. They emphasize the better eye color than shades of blue. If the eyes are green, you can use shadow colors from red derivatives. The eyes will seem darker, if ever painted in the colors: pink, bright red (carmine), purple, fuchsia color. Eyes hazel with golden sparks set off the small purple shadows and shades as well as colors that are complementary yellow. Eyes gray-green or bluish-green shade of green shades to accentuate their color to enhance a gray-blue iridescent color.
You can use the shadow of an orange which will enhance blue eye color. Green eye shades can highlight are derived from red. In working with the subsidiary colors of makeup palettes, be aware that they are mutually reinforcing. For example, purple and olive color should not be used for touching up the eyes with yellowish whites. Purple lipstick should not be used if the yellow tint on the teeth. If the eyes are red streaks don’t use the green shadows and shades of green. This will increase the effect of “bad” eye.
Cool colors create a feeling of depth views and warm is a sense of relief. To the upper eyelid seemed less sunken it can be painted pale pink, light green shade. They will look strikingly. Convexity age can be made less visible, if they cover the shadows of deep cold colors such as blue, violet, lilac. Red and green is the color transition, they can be a cold, then warm, because being affected adjacent colors. Red are located next to the lilac, it will seem warm, but if it is next to the green, yellow or orange, it will seem cold.
Recently, eye makeup palettes game based on the use of colors, colors. Use the same shade of saturation and that the iris, but a different color. So, brown eyes will look more impressive if the lid painted shades of medium green tone, eyes, green-yellow shades can be painted a light pink color.

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