Best Makeup Brushes

Best makeup brushes

For beautiful makeup must need at least one set of best makeup brushes. It is best to buy natural brush are need to care for them as for their own hair once a week or even once a month to wash with shampoo or soap. Sponge also need to regularly wash with shampoo or soap. Brushes are the most used tools in the performance of makeup. They can be applied to almost all makeup products and they are easy to work and respond well to cleaning and makeup brushes
Best makeup brushes are divided into professional and not professional. Professional brushes are very expensive, because they are made of natural animal hair. They differ quite a long comfortable handle and mounting pile of quality to it. In this regard, sewn and glued distinguish brush. Hand stitched glued expensive, because of the chunky tassels sewn thread of small tufts of hair, so they pile is sealed tightly and are more resilient and durable.
Such a brush less susceptible to destruction by moisture, fat and alcohol solutions. Glued brush less stable place mounting pile glued with special glue. Also there are hand cut and patterned. Patterned brush is bristle hair at selected hair to the natural uncircumcised ends forming a smooth contour edges and a smooth transition from one color to another. These brushes are ideal for shading products any consistency and give a subtle transitions.
Cut the brush is not the way they are made without careful selection of pile length and the contour edge is formed by hair, brushes are not very useful for shading, as always reserve the sharp boundaries of the strokes, so they are used for drawing precise lines and color patches.
Brush with natural hair, if you use them properly, contribute to a successful makeup. They do not damage the compact shadow, powder, blush, so do not have to frequently change these cosmetics. Synthetic brushes makeup damage from touching rough and tough synthetic fibers. Hair brushes of these few that rarely has the correct shape, but still fast enough losing her. Hairs like a fountain look out in different directions, making it difficult to apply makeup and doing makeup is not accurate. Recent developments in recent years have allowed the production of synthetic fibers brush of high quality. They successfully replaced a brush made of natural fibers, because less subject to wear and more amenable to disinfection.
Resilient, smooth, soft hair sable, the most expensive. The shape of fuzzy side of the best makeup brushes in a cross section of distinguished flat and round. There are also special brushes, for example, with a spiral brush, stubble for applying mascara to eyelashes.

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