Theatrical Makeup (2)

Theatrical makeup

Part Two
Often theatrical makeup and the stage fairly conventional, sometimes missing a few strokes to create an image. Compared with the makeup which is used when filming movies, it is rougher. This is due to feature perception of the audience.theatrical makeup
In addition, labels may be used and the insertion of various materials for the thickening of the neck, cheeks expanding and worsening of the chin. Typically, this label from wool, gauze, knitted fabric are the serves as a sponge rubber material and even latex and silicone. False teeth and tusks of dental materials are the part of the makeup.
The actors, acting on the stage are separated from the audience quite a distance, so careful application of makeup does not really matter. In today’s cinema is completely different situation.
Shooting technologies are constantly improving, so the demands on the quality of makeup movie actors stronger. Makeup should create the illusion of the most naturally. Before you put on the face makeup and facial skin is carefully cleaned. To remove makeup from the face after the show is also necessary to use a special cleanser.
Theatrical makeup is very thick about its benefits for the skin however. Each actor has several recipes for masks and special secrets, how to restore the skin after a series of performances and during unoccupied plays an actress trying to use the minimum amount of makeup.
In modern theater, especially in performances of rarely used a traditional theatrical makeup. Faces of the men cast before the show hastily to powder your nose, eyes and eyebrows can be made more expressive by means of conventional liner.
Actresses do makeup by professionals, which is used by the model during the fashion shows. Makeup turns bright and expressive, non-daily or even an evening, but it is not greasepaint in the usual understanding of it.
Fans of theatrical productions and just want to experiment can easily buy a theatrical cosmetics. On the internet no problem to find the addresses of specialty shops and even to order home delivery.

Theatrical Makeup Part One

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