Bridal Makeup (2)

Bridal makeup

Part Two
Most harmoniously, combined with a white dress would look like an easy natural bridal makeup is made depending on your color type with mother of pearl, silver or golden shades. Eyes should be given maximum brilliance and expressiveness. But beware, if you have overhanging eyelids or bulging eyes pearl highlight these shortcomings. In these cases, the imposition of flickering shadows should be entrusted only to the expert.bridal makeup
Bridal makeup must be light, elegant, not congested. Otherwise, the bride can look older than her groom. At the first you can do fine with a black pencil eyeliner on the upper lashes between the first century or very thin dividing line. The shadows are best applied with special brushes for shading. Use applicators for each color is better to use a clean applicator, so as not to get dirty makeup. To make the eyes brighter and more expressive, choose the shadows or bright colors, not too saturated and bright.
Highlight and “open” the eyes can help: if you have fair skin choose white tint shadows, which must be applied under the eyebrow by a thin line or if the skin is tanned, you have – cream or cream shade.
It harmonizes perfectly with the white usually silk or satin iridescent wedding dresses. Medium intensity shadow shades “cocoa” and “coffee with milk” provide excellent toning means to emphasize the eye shape or as an accent in centuries. To make the expressive eyes apply a thin line on the upper and lower eyelids are dark, rich shade of natural tones such as chocolate, charcoal, ebony.
If your wedding is planned in the summer, it must be some more points. When the bridal makeup in the summer, remember that it is hot outside and makeup on your face may begin to flow. Therefore, we must use as a basis for wedding makeup or gel for the face or non-greasy cream. Foundation must be very clear and it is based on water. Lipstick be sure to secure a dusting brush large paper napkin. Mascara must be waterproof. The entire makeup must be very easy, natural and invisible to others.

Bridal Makeup Part One

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