Indian Wedding Makeup

Indian wedding makeup

In India the bride’s makeup depends largely on the taste of her sisters, relatives and friends of her future husband – the bride is given a passive role in preparing for the wedding. Today, among brides in India fashion makeup from a professional makeup artist. However, the makeup services are not always available for brides who live in small towns or villages, so that Indian girls are taught the basics of adolescence with a wedding makeup. indian wedding makeup
For a perfect indian wedding makeup is very important soft, smooth and beautiful skin, so a few weeks before the wedding a bride begins to treat skin with care. Homemade cosmetic ubtan, which is used for wrapping and a good face mask giving the skin the necessary softness. Acne and pimples easily removed after treatment of the skin with steam when the pores open. To preserve the freshness of the skin will help a refreshing tonic or astringent lotion.
Attach great importance to decorate the hands of the bride’s wedding day, so your hands and nails must be in perfect condition. To soften nails and cuticles, soak them in warm soapy water with baking soda. In order to give the desired shape nails use nail file. Horny layer of skin can be removed using a special nail polish of an orange tree, pre-process it with olive oil or a means of containing it. Nail scissors cut away dead skin fragments.
With a pencil give eyebrows shape. In the center of the forehead bindi glue – the decoration can be as traditional round or oval, depending on the oval face. Bindi also can be red to match the sari. Also, you can decorate the forehead above the eyebrows small dots in the shape of a crescent. Lip indian wedding makeup is the final stage makeup. Initially, apply a light lipstick, and then a darker shade. Apply over lipstick lip gloss. When finished makeup, gently tighten it an astringent lotion.
Clean the face, moisten the skin cream. Apply to clean skin tone foundation. Hide blemishes, dark circles and bags under the eyes will help tone base with a reflective effect or concealer. Do not forget to put the tonal foundation on the chin and neck to avoid a sharp contrast. On the skin at the temples applicator, apply liquid blush and gently blend to blush looks natural. Smooth compact or loose powder. Do not forget to put powder on top as the eyelids and lips – thanks to the powder and lipstick shade will be better grasped. Preparing the way a person go to the eye indian wedding makeup: a pencil or draw a contour eyeliner, apply shadow and mascara eyelashes. Shadows of a blue hue are best suited for the traditional red dress the bride, but also allowed the use of shadows green or golden.

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