Wedding Makeup Artists

Wedding makeup artists

Wedding makeup is really a cross between a night and day option. On the one hand it requires care especially in the imposition of tone, because the bride will have to “save face” for a long time. However, in contrast to a fun party, a wedding is an event sufficiently serious and formal, but because in most cases, wedding makeup artists is distinguishes rigor, thoroughness and feathering even a makeup artists
Preference is given to the natural, warm tones, but the choice of colors wedding makeup is very important not so much the type of person the bride, as the style and color of her dress. Now in vogue colored outfits and therefore should be especially careful that your face was in harmony with both color and styles with dresses. One of the most common mistakes is using pink blush or lipstick in a pink dress.
Another important point when doing wedding makeup artists: the color of shadows should not be the same and the contrast with the color of the eyes to emphasize their form and expression. So do not be afraid to use say a transparent green or blue shadows in brown eyes and, conversely, sand or gold in blue. Incidentally it is desirable to contrast with the color of eyes and a bridal bouquet, maybe that’s why it is so popular red flowers?
It is important to choose the right color of foundation. It must comply with the most natural skin tone. Agree, don’t a pretty sight when in the open dress complexion does not match the color of the neck and shoulders. To find the number of colors you need to put a dab on the chest area and see how natural it would look in daylight – in fact most of the festival is held in the afternoon.
In contrast to the everyday makeup wedding makeup artists should be special, “with a twist.” As a rule exquisitely subtle unless you have chosen some extreme style wedding, which these days occurs quite often. At the same time for the traditional image of the bride to be inappropriate and evening makeup is he can be rude and vulgar. Such makeup must meet all the style that the bride chooses for himself.
When choosing a color makeup must also take into account the color of your eyes, your skin color, the color of your hair and just a shade of your dress. When applying makeup the wedding keep in mind that he should be executed in view of the photo and video. Bridal makeup should be carried out by professional makeup artists.

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