How to determine your skin undertone?

Are you annoyed about purchasing the wrong foundation shade for your makeup; if you often end up buying the wrong foundation shade for yourself or if you are a mother who wants to buy makeup for girl child then don’t forget to consider one most important thing: your skin’s undertone. If you want to buy your perfect foundation shade, concealer shade, blush or lipstick shade, then before purchasing any kind of makeup for girl or for yourself, you first need to understand your skin’s undertone.Determine skin undertone:Determining your skin’s undertone is a must otherwise you will end up buying the wrong foundation shade, concealer, blush or lipstick again and again. As a mother or any girl who belongs to any group of age, if you wish to buy makeup for girl or for self or for loved ones then here I am going to give you some tricks and tips to find out skin’s undertone so that you can buy makeup for girl or for yourself. According to these easy tricks you can easily buy makeup for girl or if you are college student or beginner then after reading this article you can easily buy makeup for yourself. Basically, there are three types of skin undertones:
  • warm undertone
  • cool undertone
  • neutral undertone

Are you warm, cool or neutral undertone

Examine your veins: Finding out your skin’s undertone is a lot easier than you think. Firstly, under the sunlight examine your veins on the back of your wrist, right under where your palm starts. The skin on your wrist is very thin, under the sunlight you can have a better idea of which kind of undertone you are.
  • If your veins have blueish or purplish color then you are a cool undertone.
  • If your veins have greenish or olive color then you are a warm undertone.
  • If your veins have a mix of both colors or if you can’t really tell then you are a neutral undertone.

Which looks great on you silver or gold?

> The second way of finding your skin’s undertone is to give yourself ‘a jewelry test’. For this, you need silver and gold jewelry to determine which color of jewelry suits better against your skin. Under good natural lighting, check out how your skin appears against each color of jewelry.  Which metal makes your skin healthier and brighter;
  • If gold jewelry suits you more then you have a warm undertone,
  • If silver jewelry suits you better then you have a cool undertone and If both gold and silver jewelry looks good on you then you have probably neutral undertone.

Consider, how does your skin react while stepping out in the sun?

Don’t overexpose your skin to the sun just to check out whether your skin burns or tans. Remember your past experiences when you were out in sunlight. In summer if your skin easily burns even after applying sunscreen then you are a cool-toned person.  If your skin effortlessly getting tan, then chances are you fall into a warm-toned category.

Examine which colours look better on you:

If colors like blue, purple, pink, blue-based red, magenta and emerald green look beautiful on you then you are cool-toned. If clothing colors like olive green, yellow, gold, warm reds, and orange looks great on you then you are warm-toned. And of course, neutral undertone person can pull off any color including neutral colors like black, white, gray, beige and brown.
Cool undertone:
Warm undertone:
Neutral undertone:
So next time whenever you go for shopping make sure you buy makeup, clothes or jewelry according to your skin’s undertone.